Monday, October 6, 2014

The REAL reason I run

Hey guys, I hope you all had a great weekend! Loving me some Fall weather.

I often get asked "Why do you love running so much?" and I usually give the awkward response of "Hahaaaa, I don't knooow, I just do!" One time I went with, "Because it is fun!" and the person looked at me like I had two heads, so now I stick with the ever vague, ambiguous "I just do!".

Here are the REAL reasons I run. I ran 16.41 miles yesterday so here are are 16.41 reasons I love running:

1. Cheaper than therapy
2. The clothes are so cute and comfortable
3. The roads don't judge me
4. Jump starts my metabolism
5. Freedom for the soul
6. I'm obsessed with music and this is when I get to jam out
7. The running community is da bomb
8. You can always get faster...
9. ...But its a SOLO sport, so if you don't, no pressure
10. I can run anywhere
11. No equipment
12. Makes me eat healthier throughout the day
13. Crossing a finish line at a race is the best high
14. Allows me to indulge in desserts without regret
15. I really do just have a love for it
16. #allthecarbs #allthetime
16.41 Runners just get each they would get the fact that I'm a little upset this run didn't end on an even number.

I originally planned my long run for Saturday, but sometimes you wake up and you just know that it is not right. So I pushed it to Sunday. I'm trying this whole 'listen to your body' thing. Glad I did because Sunday was oh so right.

I know it's going to be a good run when I get SO excited the night before that it is hard to fall asleep because I just want to hit the trails.  The routine: night before, I laid out all my clothes....

...hit the carbs. Pizza for days. Domino's has my heart. And you thought this was a nutrition blog ;).

Wake up right before the sun rises...remember I'm doing the whole "no dark running" thing these days. True or false: I like the color purple?

Sticking by my Dates as fuel. My face at 6am isn't cute.

For some reason I have a strong aversion to carrying water, so I have all water fountain locations on the trail memorized. This one saved me at mile 9.

Come home as she is getting up. Cuddle sesh while I warm was 36 degrees when I left for my run. Furry blankets are everything.

Stretch like it's my job. Opening up the hip flexors and a 30 second nap with each side.

All the carbs. Bananas are awesome POST run too. They are easily digested and a great source of carbs. They will quickly replenish the nutrients in your muscles and help your muscles rebuild faster. Faster rebuild is always a good thing.

Bananas + almond butter + cinnamon + oatmeal = best combination of all combinations. 

Have a fabulous day! xoxo

What is the #1 reason you run!?

Best thing you ate this weekend?
-- Coconut Pancakes <-- recipe coming soon!


  1. You pretty much took the words out of my mouth. All of those reasons are reasons I love running too. You make so many friends running even if you run by yourself. I also hate carrying water. It throws off my balance or something. You are your sister are adorable.
    Ashley @

  2. Dang girl, you're flexible! I feel like I should know this, but do you do yoga? If so, how long have you been doing it?

    Way to get that 16-er in!! I know how hard it can be to end on an uneven number, so annoying! haha


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