Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Bucket List & Baked Cod Recipe

It's a happy happy day in my life.

I've had a few things cooking in the background these past few months and they finally all paid off (details later, I promise). My emotions in this photo: relief, over the moon joy, puffy eyes from prior anxiety tears, puffy eyes from current happy tears, and so much love for family and friends who supported me all along the way. The end. OH and a lot of happiness from the fact that my family knew meeting me for Frozen Yogurt was the best idea in the world.

Now that my thing-a-ma-jiger is behind me, I can now start to tackle my Fall Bucket List!

1. Go apple picking -- secretly so I can eat all the apple cider donuts
2. Dress up for Halloween -- I have a Batman onsie that shall be making an appearance
3. Use the crock pot more - Slow cooker oatmeal, I'm looking at you.
4. Do a 20 miler -- in.jur.y. free. please.
5. Go hiking -- I find few things more humbling than nature.
6. Disconnect for 1 day -- no phone, no computer, no tv, nada.
7. Milk a cow -- I have no idea how to explain this one to you.
8.  Run a themed race -- scene: Amanda running in a hot pink tutu with a huge smile on her face. The only thing that would make it better would be to have my sister running right beside me.
9. Choose happiness every morning -- because secretly I'm sappy and I lover of life.
10. Write more handwritten letters --- authenticity, nothing like it.
11. Eat less processed foods - clean and whole foods = energy for doing things that make me happy.

This year I will be attempting a really intricate pumpkin carving. We all know I am 0% artistic so if you want to come carve with Hales and I, that would be really fantastic. 

Pumpkin seeds 101: Don't throw them out - they are a great source of zinc! Put your pumpkin seeds in a bowl full of water and this makes it much easier to skim them off the top. Roast your pumpkin seeds in the oven!

Lover of all things nature lately. Yes, that's a fanny pack.

Cod was on sale this week at the grocery store so I decided to try something a little different with it. My usual go to recipe is either Lemon Cod or Crusted Cod but this time I went with soy sauce....and it was delish! A lot of the Lemon Cod recipes call for heavy doses of butter. In an attempt to slim down this fish recipe, I opted for a low sodium soy sauce that added flavor without being overpowering.

Cod (along with many other white fish) are low in calories, low(er) in cholesterol and saturated fats than red meat, are generally a good source of protein, and often a great supply of those healthy Omega-3s! While some red meat is yummy one in awhile, try to opt for a lean, white fish when choosing your next meat selection. Cod is a great choice!

For this recipe, I just brushed low sodium soy sauce onto the cod filets and added some seasoning. I used salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste. It was delish and you can change up the spices however you want!

What is one thing that is on your fall bucket list?

Red meat or white meat or no meat?


  1. I want to know what the secret is! Unless it's a good steak, I like white meat.
    Ashley @ Kickashmom.com

    1. I'll let the cat out of the bag soon =)

  2. I love soy sauce on fish, especially salmon - great combo!

    I enjoy both red meat and white meat :D And eggs too!

    Love your bucket list... Explain the cow thing please???

    1. I wish I could....just really want to try it!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Glad everything worked out! And yes, I will be checking back for the details later ;)
    I'm right there with you on the handwritten letters - nothing better than receiving mail!

  5. Can't wait to hear what your secret good news is!

    Also, I will need pictures/a video of the cow milking! I remember going to a farm on a school field trip and having the opportunity to milk a cow. I was too scared to pull on the udder!! Hah!


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