Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cross Training: Ankle Strength Power Workout

Hi, hello! How are things?!

I'm off on a little road trip this morning but first wanted to leave you with this Ankle Injury Power Workout. It's a quick and dirty 25 minute workout that burns your butt, abs, obliques, and quads all while building strength in your ankle. Yes to all the above, thank you. A great way to build strength in your ankle ligaments is to point and flex, and go side to side. Each of these workouts will strengthen your ligaments while burning & strengthening your other running muscles =).

I am not a trained professional so please do what is best for YOU and consult with a doc if need be. This is just what really is helping me rebuild ankle strength while burning other muscles simultaneously.

For all these exercises:
- Keep a tight core: pull your belly button to your spine.
- Point and flex your toes, this will help stretch and build strength in your ankles.
- Squeeze your glutes, pinch a penny!
- Repeat all exercises on both sides, about 20 reps each side.

My whole body was shaking at the end, especially my butt muscles. The circles look deceptively easy and that smile on my face lasted about 1.683 seconds. If you can smile for 2 seconds I'd be impressed.

Every time I am injured I tell myself I am going to strength train 234890 times more and then a week later I often let it slip. I never thought I'd need strong ankles, but alas, it appears they too need to be strong.

And because I laughed out loud for 15 minutes over this Instagram and it'd be selfish not to share. Foodie humor, for the win. My fave one:

Hope today is wonderful!  See you tomorrow!

Are you good about strength training or could you be better?

Answer this question for me:


  1. I used on be great about strength training. I love at home workouts.

    1. Send me some of your strength training vibes, I need them over here!

  2. HAHHAHAH! Pinch a penny!!!! :)

    If I could not fail I would try to be as funny as you!

  3. Omg V up's kill me. I'm always slacking on strength training, srsly give me cardio any day.


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