Monday, September 22, 2014

BodyTek and Bailando!

Hi friends, I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

I had a wonderful weekend in South Florida with family and friends.

I took my very first BodyTek class and have discovered 37 new muscles in my body that I never knew I had. If someone could just foam roll my entire body, from head to toe, that'd be great. Kay, thanks. BodyTek is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout class. We rotated through 10 stations over the course of an hour and each interval worked on 2 muscles at a time. Combo exercises are a great way to keep your body guessing. Between the music and the energy of the instructor and classmates, the hour FLEW by. 

I've been contemplating whether or not to join a gym and I think this class sold me on it. If I hadn't gone to BodyTek I would have done my usual 6 mile morning run. It felt great to change it up!...except I literally cannot move without being in pain, I am so sore.

After BodyTek, we recruited some more people for the Bailando dance that was about to go down at the wedding. PS. That wall in the background is full of 80 birthday cards my Grandpa just received for his 80th birthday. He is one loved guy.

The rehearsal dinner was on the water and it was delicious! My cousin is amazing at doing hair and makeup and I think I need her to move in with me and do mine every morning because I have no idea what I'm doing. I missed the "how-to-for-make-up" life lesson.

Haley was one of the flower girls and I just wanted to squeeze her every second because she was so cute in her dress! 

La familia. 

The dance! A little clip of it was so fun and the beautiful bride jumped in and started dancing with Haley which absolutely made her night =)

The bride and groom also had a little surprise for us: Que Hora Loca! Apparently this is a Cuban tradition and it was a cuban-carnival sort of vibe. Boas, sunglasses, glow sticks, and so many other props were flying around. Can I have a Que Hora Loca when I get married, even if I'm not Cuban?! Please?!?

I ended the night by discovering I can eat an entire bag of plantain chips in 2 minutes and 11 seconds. This is my new nightly tradition. 

The wedding was wonderful but I also love that "Feels so good to be home" feeling you get after a weekend away. I have a few fun and new things happening later this week I'm excited to share with y'all.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Hardest workout class you've ever done?

Gym or no gym?

Favorite food of the weekend?


  1. I love your dress for the wedding.

    The hangover movies are classic. No matter how many times I watch them I laugh so much.

    1. I do too!...The whole plane really appreciated it, I am sure =)

  2. You look GORGEOUS in your black dress! The earrings are so perfect with it!

    So glad you had a fun weekend away. I've never taken a workout class! I just use the small gym at my condo for weight training, treadmill, etc. but if I belonged to a big gym I would totally take as many classes as I could!

  3. Love your dress too!
    I love my gym, it's expensive but such an investment! It's also great when you're dealing with injuries, a couple of spin classes and I feel like I'm maintaining my fitness.

    1. I think I was just sold on joining a gym =)


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