Monday, August 25, 2014

Hershey's Bar Chocolate Cake

Hi friends! I hope you all had a great weekend!

This birthday cake is a cake for chocolate lovers, like myself. Chocolate takes the cake as one of my top 5 favorite foods (I also cannot get enough of almond butter, apples, mountain salads, and sweet potatoes). <-- Yes, I know, my top 5 food list is probably not normal.

A mystery person put this 13.1 magnet on my car this weekend....

I was supposed to run a full marathon in a few weeks but after 2 running injuries during my training, I had to switch to the half-marathon. I was super bummed but knowing that I have people in my life who support me either way makes my heart happy =).

Surprise #2: Chocolate covered strawberries on our doorstep...did I mention Sarah is my favorite cousin?

This weekend was Haley's birthday party at Rebounderz which is an indoor trampoline arena.  My older sister and I decided to join the jumping fun at the last minute and were asked to put these shoes on. We decided we would never find a pair of sexier shoes. 

Wall-to-wall trampolines and jumping for 1+ hours = my cardio for the day. Pure bliss.

Now to the heavenly goodness that is this Hershey's Bar Chocolate Cake. Original idea came from THIS picture.

A few tips: 

1) Cover your cookie sheet (or plate) with foil while icing. When you are done icing, slide the foil out from underneath and you will have perfectly clean/smooth edges!
2) Use a paper plate to flip your cake out of the pan.
3) Save some chocolate icing to use as "glue" for the Hershey bars so that they stick to the side of the cake.

Make the cake, ice it, cover it with Hershey bars, top it with kisses, seal it with a bow, and try not to eat all the leftover chocolate.

Two years ago I made this cake for Haley's birthday.  Same concept, different candy, equally as amazing.

What are your top 5 favorite foods??

Any upcoming races??

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  1. I am training for the Marine Corps Marathon in DC in October, good luck in your race!


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