Friday, August 22, 2014

Cross Training and Barre

Happy Friday!

An early 10 miles done this morning in this sexy thang. 

Lately I've been putting a lot of time into finding what cross-training works for me. What does this mean? It means I would be the happiest girl in the world if I never got a running related injury again (though I know this is impossible) and the way I best avoid injuries is cross training.

I've yet to take an official Barre class, but my fave blogger Gina posts some awesome barre videos which I do at home. My favorite move from her latest video:

1) Raise your left foot 45 degrees in the air, bending at the knee. Slightly bend your right leg.
2) Straighten right leg and extend your left leg back (as though you are trying to touch a wall behind you).

Do 20 reps and repeat on the other side. Repeat 2 more times.

Let me know if you have any other at-home barre videos!

The usual shenanigans that is life:

My little sister's birthday is coming up and she was in the Washington Post! She's basically famous and now the favorite child.

I will be making this cake tonight for her birthday party which is tomorrow.


If you live in Charlottesville, VA or are going back to UVA soon for school, check out Benny Deluca's! It is a new jumbo slice pizza shop near the downtown mall and the owner is a friend of mine! Let me know if you check it out!

As I was writing this post and thinking about how I am a "Chain Chewer"...I chew gross amounts of gum in a day....Gina wrote a post about why she gave up gum. Starting today, August 22nd, I am officially going to go 1 month without gum. I am ADDICTED to gum so the struggle is going to be very real.

Other foods that are filled with chemicals that we should give up: HERE

And I'll leave you with this quote which inspires me every morning to follow my passions.


What foods do you eat that you know you should give up??
- gum, sour candy

Thin crust pizza or thick crust?
- thick or 5 thin

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