Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gu Energy Gel Review

Rule #1 of racing: Never try anything for the first time on race day.

And this is why...

Amanda eating Gu = Amanda laying on the side of the road with shooting stomach pains.

I had an 11 miler on the agenda for today. I took the Gu Energy Gel at mile 6 and it tasted great and carried me to mile 10. At mile 10 I was suddenly hit with knives in my stomach and literally stopped and sat on the ground. I'm sure people passing by me thought I was super in shape and athletic.

Since I'm a nutrition freak, I was curious what ingredient in the Gu was making me horizontal and keeping me from finishing my last mile. I found this on Gu's website:

The culprit appears to be Maltodextrin - an artificial sugar and sweetner made by applying acids and enzymes to cornstarch.

I partly blame myself for not drinking 4 - 8oz of water with it (okay, I blame myself a lot for this), but I also am blaming this maltodextrin.

Next I am going to try Clif Shot Blocks, stay tuned. Pray for no more mid-run, horizontal road naps.

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