Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Marathon Training Plan

I'm often asked why I choose to pay money to race when you can run on your own for free?

I run to gain perspective. All my deep life thoughts occur on my runs. Catch me after a long run and I'm sure I'll be speaking x102392 more thoughtfully and logically than my normal jello brain.

race for excitement. There's something to be said about running with hundreds or thousands of others who share the same love for running. Clearly I was just beyond thrilled to be running straight up hill at Mile 10...(too cheap to pay for pic, sorrry).

I just signed up for my first MARATHON ever. Insert nervous laugh here. I'm using Hal Higdon's Novice 2 Training Plan. I like to have a set plan (well, because I'm a type-A planner) because it takes the thinking out of it. One less thing to stress about = simplifying life. Yes, please.

Hal Higdon has a ton of various training schedules depending on your ability and goal time. I haven't set a pace or goal for myself yet.

Why is a marathon 26.2 miles and not 26 miles or 27 miles? Please answer this for me. 

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